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On May 17, 18, and 19, 2019, we met in Madison Indiana and Moscow Ohio
Many pastel painted shotgun houses were seen
We started with an afternoon trolley tour of the city
The only bridge from Kentucky for many miles led to Madison on the Ohio River
The peach painted fron hall was then overpainted with varnish
The double parlor bespoke an era of gracious hospitality
We toured the 1844 Lanier Mansion from top to bottom
Carolyn and Frank Gunter were our Madison hosts for the weekend
We viewed the Gunter's many collections
The recently restored Shrewsbury-Windle House faces the Ohio River
Carolyne Gunter gave us a tour of the old train station that is now part of the History Center complex
We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the Shrewsbury-Windle House
The History Center room vignettes gave us a peak into Madison's varied industrial past
An antique machine that made wooden clothes pins when the saddletree factory diversified
We toured the 19th century Schroeder Saddletree factory which was one of many similar small concerns in the region
The Saturday evening buffet dinner was in a private room at the Clify Inn followed a membership  meeting and short lecture
After touring the beautiful historic city of Madison, IN, we ventured back to Ohio to the tiny town of Moscow, to the home of Jerry Mercer, where Jerry provided us with a tour of his collection of early lighting and served a spring picnic lunch
On September 12, 13, and 14, 2019, we met in Cincinnati, Ohio
The group prepares to view the Torah
The Sancuary of the Isaac Meyer Wise Temple
Viewing the Torah scroll with the congregation president

The 1870 Covenant-First Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati Art Museum Curator Amy Dehan showed us Cincinnati Silver
A masterpiece of Cincinnati furniture
Examples of local pottery
The OHDAA board met to discuss future projects
The recently restored lobby of the 1878 Cincinnati Music Hall
Original carved wood panels were found and reinstalled
Cincinnati City Hall featured numerous stained glass windows
i931 crystal chandelier in the Omni Netherlands Hotel
Luncheon in the Omni Netherlands
Mosaic mural in the Newly reopened concourse of the Union Terminal
 Kathy Ciafardini's wonderful garden
 Kathy Ciafardini hosted the closing lunch in her home with its great kitchen